From January 2013 Sinner Bikes stop making two wheel recumbents. During the Wintermeeting at January the 12.th we sell several two wheel recumbents with discount up to 50%.

The Sinner Spirit is a versatile all-rounder: It offers very agile, yet stable ride characteristics. It’s versatility lies in the variety of choices of handlebars and seat. Available with over or under seat steering, molded composite or tensioned fabric seat. The question is which do you prefer? To find out you will have to try them all. The Sinner Spirit can be fitted with a large array of modern bicycle equipment.

Besides the daily commute it also makes a great holiday touring bike because even with a full load, it’s stable character remains.

The rear suspension consists of a rear spring and damper configuration whereby the spring tension can be adjusted. This can also be upgraded to an air spring with adjustable oil damper.

Various front suspension forks can be fitted further improving the ride comfort.


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