We developed the Sinner comfort because you’re not going to ride as fast as possible, but mostly because you want to enjoy and want to reach your goal with pleasure. The Comfort offers all  you could wish for. Two rear wheels means no need to balance and thanks to the unique half differential system you will always have great traction and maneuverability. The alloy frame with its clean modern styling is also extremely resilient making this a bike that you can rely on for many years to come. Fitted as standard with adjustable suspension, large luggage rack and bidon holder it has everything you need. The Comfort has a low step over height and is therefore very easy to get in to. It is great for a relaxed touring holiday yet also perfect for the daily commute. The Comfort is available in several colors and with many options. As the name depicts the Sinner Comfort is first and foremost a comfortable recumbent. Offering the rider worry free cycling at all times.                                                            The Comfort is well suited to accessibility adaptations for the less able. For instance all controls can be fitted to the left or right hand grip for persons with little or no function in one hand.  Steering and braking can then be achieved easily with only one arm.

The Comfort is also available with electric motor pedal assistance see: Comfort E.

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