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Mango Plus

The Sinner Mango in general:

Cycling as a sport and hobby has for us also a practical application. Personal transport. We produce a vehicle that makes the most efficient possible use of human power. Human beings have after all only a limited physical capacity. With a fast bike you can travel further!

The speed that you can achieve with a bike is limited greatly by the air resistance. The wind resistance of a bike is determined by the frontal area.

There are however many more demands for a practical vehicle, for instance comfort, weather protection, easy maintenance, durability, lighting (and other luxuries) and of course space for luggage.

The Sinner Mango is a compact velomobile that thanks to its aerodynamic shape looks fast even when it’s standing still.

Thanks to the low center of gravity in combination with a wide track width and independent suspension on all three wheels the Sinner Mango has exceptional maneuverability and is very comfortable. Piloting one is a luxurious experience.

The large luggage capacity, optimal protection from the elements and the low loss transmission makes the Sinner Mango perfect for the daily commute yet also ideal for recreational use for example cycle touring.

The open wheel arches make a short turning circle possible which is convenient in commuter traffic.

The Sinner Mango is also very safe, thanks to the integrated roll cage and protective body. Furthermore visibility is greatly improved over that of a standard bike thanks to the large brightly colored surfaces and reflective stickers.

The Sinner Mango transmission line is split into two sections front and rear. The front section having one or more front chainrings and a wide choice of rear hub, from 8, 9 and 10 speed cassette hubs to a choice of integrated hub gears. Any rear hub with disk brake fittings can be fitted however only shimano cassette indexing is supported as standard. The disk brake fitting of the hub is used to attach the final drive gear, which is available in 22, 26 or 30 teeth allowing for further manipulation of the transmission ratios. From the final drive gear power is transmitted to the free wheel of the rear wheel by the secondary chain. The rear freewheel is a special 18 tooth bmx type freewheel threaded for left hand side application.

To sum it up the Sinner Mango transmission requires little maintenance thanks mainly to the fact that it is entirely enclosed within the body of the velomobile and is therefore protected from dirt and moisture. Thanks to the single sided attachment of all 3 wheels is it very simple to repair a puncture or replace a tyre, no tools required.

As standard Sinner Mango models are fitted with 70 mm Sturmey Archer drum brakes. Why not disk brakes you ask? The answer is simple, drum brakes require far less maintenance than disk brakes. The brake shoes and braking surfaces are protected from dirt and moisture ensuring consistent braking performance.

Care should be taken to modulate braking on long steep descents to allow for proper cooling. If you know you will be using you Sinner Mango in hilly or mountainous terrain consider upgrading to the 90 mm drum brakes.

Another advantage to the use of drum brakes is that they allow for the front wheels to be removed simply by removing one single (5mm allen key) bolt (per wheel).

All Sinner Mango models are fitted with a bell and cycle computer. The bell is attached in the nose of the bike and is actuated by means of a string attached to the handlebar. The cycle computer is dependent on options and model the Cateye Enduro or Cateye Astrale the latter includes a cadence meter and is fitted as standard to the Sinner Mango Sport Red Edition.

Sinner Mango Plus

The Sinner Mango Plus is the base model and therefore also the most affordable model of the Sinner Mangos.

The most important difference between the plus and sport model is the shape of the body in particular the rear end. The Sinner Mango Plus has a wider tail section allowing for almost twice as much luggage space, 130 litres behind the seat versus the 70 litres of the sport. It also has wider wheel arches allowing for the use of wider front tires. For those customers wishing to carry even more luggage or larger objects that won’t fit in the body of the bike, there is a removable trailer hitch available. When removed only a small hole (10mm) is visible low in the tail end of the bike.

The Sinner Mango Plus is available in these colors: white, grey, yellow, orange, red, traffic blue or green or any combination of the above colors. For example white lower body with a colored top, a popular and good choice for visibility.

Fabric wheel covers are fitted to both front wheels as standard, optionally available also for the rear wheel (see photos).

Further standard equipment includes one height adjustable 50 lux front LED lamp (Busch & Müller IQ speed) mounted internally in the nose of the bike and a LED rear light (Spanninga) mounted on a red reflective strip. The entire electrical system is protected by a self resetting polyfuse. Should a short circuit happen the electrical system will be automatically disabled. Function will return automatically after the fault is repaired.

In the Sinner Mango Plus a dashboard is fitted to the left wheel arch allowing separate switching of the external and internal lighting and eventually all other optionally fitted electrical accessories for instance turn indicators.

To further improve the visibility of the Sinner Mango Plus, reflective trapezoid (trapezium outside U.S.) markings on the tail and nose. These are colored to match the lower body of the bike however they always reflect white light.

The standard transmission of the Sinner Mango Plus is a 16 speed cassette derailleur system consisting of an 8 speed rear cassette and two front chainrings. Shifting is done with grip shifters mounted to the handlebar.

Other configurations are also available. For instance the Shimano Alfine 11 internal gear hub can be installed. This gives you the ability to shift between all 11 gears even when stopped at a stoplight for example.

On collection of your Sinner Mango we will fit the bike to you. Ensuring proper distance to the pedals and correct sitting.

Included as standard are: A multilanguage owners manual, battery charger, lightweight tire pump, one reserve inner tube and tire, chain oil, puncture repair kit, a two part fabric covered foam cover for the instep opening and the SPD plates that accompany the pedals fitted.

Base price from: € 5490.-

Mango Plus Specifications and Extras

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