Our address:  Sinner Bikes, Klompenmaker 5, 9502 EP ,   Stadskanaal

Email:  info (at)

Openinghours: Friday and saturday, 10-16 hours.


Recumbent and Velomobile Repair: preferably by appointment.

In our showroom you will find:

Velomobile Sinner Mango and Sinner Comfort Trike. For a testride in the Drymer you can make an appointment.

We also have the dealership of the Quest velomobile.

Please arrange an appointment for a testride. This will convince you!  We would like to give you the best advice!


Besides making a free test drive of one hour, it is also possible to rent for 2 people.

To avoid disappointment we advise you to arrange it on time.

Apply for the Sinner Comfort per session from € 15,-.

Rentprice Mango per session from € 40,-.

For questions, comments and other things, please fill out the form below. Or use directly info(at)

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Neem ook eens een kijkje op Harry's blog en lees over zijn belevenissen en ervaringen met de Mango.


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Sinner Bikes
Klompenmaker 5
9502 EP Stadskanaal

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eEngine (partner van Sinner Bikes)
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