Sinner Comfort

The Comfort offers everything needed for riders of this type of tricycle. It has not only the stability of two rear wheels, but also both wheels are independently driven. The aluminium frame has modern, straight, lines, and there are many colour options. The adjustable suspension, standard luggage rack and ease of mounting and dismounting make it a very practical bike. The Comfort is a great holiday bike, but also a relaxed means of transport for daily use. The Comfort is also available with electric assist as the Comfort E.

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Sinner Comfort E

From the very start of the history of the Comfort, in 1990, Sinner has experimented with adding electric power. Sinner has grown from a pioneer to become a specialist in this field. The Comfort remains particularly suited for addition of electric assistance. The Comfort prioritizes comfort over absolute speed. For those who need assistance, the Comfort E provides that assistance. The proportion of the effort coming from the rider's legs vs. the motor can be controlled to optimize the distance that the rider can cover. Of course, the maximum assisted speed is limited to the legal 25 km/h.


As standard a 24 V VTS motor is delivered. This has its own PAS system together with a Li-ion battery. The battery can be mounted in two different positions behind the seat or under the luggage rack. The rider chooses for himself how much power the moter must add - the LED display shows five or ten different levels of assistance. A charger and lock for the battery are delivered with the Comfort E.