Sinner Bikes

(Business park Eemspoort)
Stavangerweg 15 9723 JC Groningen
+31 50-5493415
[email protected]


Wednesday till Friday: 9 till 17 Hour
Saturday: 10 till 16 Hour.
Break: 12.30-13 Hour


Besides making a free test drive of one hour, it is also possible to rent for 2 people.
To avoid disappointment we advise you to talk on time.
Apply for the open recumbent:
Per session from € 15,-.
Rentprice Mango:
Per session from € 40,-.

Bicycle Repair: preferably by appointment.

In our showroom you will find all Sinner recumbents
Velomobiel Mango, driewielmodel Comfort en de
tweewielmodellen Demon en Spirit.
We also have the dealership of the Quest velomobile and
Flevobike the Green Machine.

We advise you to an appropriate recumbent.


(Administration - mailing address and workshop)
Bicycle Repair by appointment only
Walkumaweg 7
9923 PK Garsthuizen
+31 595-464318 +31595-464271
info @ sinnerbikes. com
KvKnr.: 02051954