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Sinner Tourkap

The Sinner Tourkap is a very practical addition to your Sinner Mango. It also fits other velomobiles such as the Quest and Strada.

It increases the aerodynamic efficiency of your velomobile meaning you can travel even faster and or further with the same amount of energy.

Much time and effort has been spent to ensure good fit and finish, ventilation and visibility.

The Sinner Tourkap has plenty of headroom this makes it possible to drink from a bottle whilst riding and also allows unhindered sight of the cycle computer and dashboard area.

The visor can be opened and set at any position between fully open and closed this is achieved by the use of friction rings by the fixing points.

Side view and ventilation are provided by the side openings. These can be closed off for race use for that little extra aerodynamic efficiency.

In addition to protection from wind, rain, sleet and snow the Tourkap also provides good shade from direct sunlight.

When riding at speed with the visor partially open the interior temperature benefits from a cooling effect generated by the directed airflow of the Tourkap. Riding with the visor almost completely closed however will help keep you warm in the winter months.

In some (damp) weather conditions misting of the visor is unavoidable for instance when stopped at a stop light. However anticipating this the rider can open the visor completely hereby avoiding the problem. In autumn and winter months the use of anti misting compounds formulated for motorcycle helmets can be used to alleviate misting problems.

Our test riders have been pleasantly surprised with the day-to-day practicality of the Sinner Tourkap.

Price from: € 485

Order your Sinner Tourkap along with an order for a new Sinner Mango and save 25% on the Tourkap

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